Clearsys offers technology solutions that add value to your business and provide efficient answers to common challenges at affordable prices. As you grow, your IT needs do to. We can manage all or part of your IT needs so that you can focus more of your time and your money on growing your business. They include infrastructure and computer support; web application development and maintenance; internet marketing and effective search engine optimization or SEO; and general IT consulting and project management to meet your business’ specialized needs.

IT Management: This solution involves management of all or or a portion of your IT needs. We take care of everything so that you don’t have to. This approach makes sense for many companies that simply do not have the resources or the interest to hire their own dedicated IT staff. This solution may cover your Web, Networking, Telephony, Data backup, Hosting, and Desktop or Laptop Computing, as determined by your need. Technology involves many specializations, that can lead to heavy staffing costs to cover all your bases if you try to do it all yourself. By outsourcing all or part of your IT, you can save substantially over the cumulative cost of salaries and benefits, while maintaining the scalability for growth. Every business is different so our process involves sitting down with you and gaining an understanding of your business needs first, and then scaling the right overall solution for you.

Data Protection : Your data is your business, and it needs to be protected with regular backups and the ability to restore from a copy quickly. Is your business protected? If not, we have the right solution for you.

Help Desk : With a well staffed 24X7 Help Desk based in the United States, we can respond to your needs just in time, all the time.

System Maintenance and Security : Your business depends on being able to service your clients securely. If regular proactive maintenance is not performed continually, you’re at risk. We help keep the lights on, keep the viruses and hackers out, which gives you peace of mind.

Paperless Office Businesses are increasingly needing the flexibility that electronic storage offers, as well as the need to have business continuity plans that safeguard their business in case of a disaster. By going paperless, your office can work more efficiently, require less space, and operate at less risk, all while improving customer service and helping you to scale faster to meet your growth targets. Talk to us about our paperless office technology and process – it is definitely worth your while.

Business Applications: We offer and support numerous “Open Source” Business applications that are stable, secure, mature, easy to use, and affordable. “Open Source” refers to a new paradym in software development that is community driven, involve thriving support, and are frequentlly enterprise grade, allowing them to compete and surpass their commercial competition. These solutions are a big win for a smaller to medium size enterprise. In fact, even the biggest companies in the world are going Open Source. We can get you up and running fast with our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, our Content Management System (CMS), and a number of available alternate tools to handle every aspect of your business from HR to Financial Management using Enterprise Resource Planning tools (ERP). We find it, demo it, host it, and tailor it to meet your needs.

Our Solutions

IT Management

Data Backup

Security Monitoring and Maintenance

24X7 Help Desk

IT Consulting

Technology Management

Software Upgrades

Software Conversion

Web Development

Internet Marketing

Business Application Installation

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Paperless Office



Equipment Acquisition

Equipment Leasing

Networking Set Up


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